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The following photos sent in by Todd B.
North Part Of Lake Bistineau

Look close and you can see the ice on the moss

Wood Duck, Mallard, Grey Duck – Sent in by Todd B.

Good Days on the North End of Bistineau


“Dorcheat Boys”
Todd and Will B.

Todd & Company seem to
have a 4-wheeler Limit

A “Jack” and a Woodie

Another Photo by Todd B.

A “Ducky” looking spot … ain’t it.

The Pick-Ups on the North End seem to be a lot like the ones on the South end of the Lake

There is just something about tailgates

He earned a needed rest – but keeps his eye on ’em!

Todd has a loaded down pirogue

Here’s that tailgate Again!

Wooden Bench – Fits doesn’t it!

Bob K. sends us this Great Mallard Photo

Bob and Jake made a retrieve on a Green-Head in Arkansas

Jake receives accolades for a job well done

Had a great day the 2nd Sunday of the 2008-2009 Duck Season.

Ended Up With 10 Birds

Opening Day Sunrise
2009 – Jerry Lee’s Blind

Jeff L., and Josh R.