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Let’s Build A New Tank Blind

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Let’s start by bolting the angle to the tank while it is still on the trailer

Next we begin bolting the
timbers to the angle

We are going to assemble
the timbers while still on
the trailer

All support timbers are in place and the tank is ready to launch

Launching the tank at
this phase of construction
was easy

We backed it down the
boat ramp and it floated
off the trailer like a “cork”

Like a “cork” it floated
almost a foot out of the

We begin the process of
decking over the timbers using 2″ x 12″ lumber

It slants toward the rear and well out of the water after bolting on the boat run

It begins to settle down and level out as the decking is completed

The blind is starting to take shape and begins to level off

Just another photo of the blind as the decking is being completed

One last photo of the completed decking

Over-laying the decking with some vinyl camo covered plywood

The box is finished & the dog box is started, as more of the camo plywood is applied

Blind in place and
beginning to brush it.

The blind is starting
to take shape.

Just about completed,
the blind is taking shape

Some additional brush, and it should be ready to hunt.

Just a bit more cover to add

Now it is time to get the
decoys ready

Working late making
decoy weights

Pintail Decoys

321 Decoys, 321 decoy
weights, 321 strings

Chase is ready for opening day

Opening day is rough and windy

A Foggy Sunrise as Seen From The Blind

Sunday, 2nd day of the season is foggy