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Duck Hunting Is An All Year Long Endeavour

  • Kole & Kennon with Canadians

  • Kim and Kole

  • Kole, Kim, & Kennon

    Big Canada's

  • Coach - "What We Doing?"

    Coach - "What We Doing?"

  • Coach gets bored

    What Are We Doing?

  • Jerry Gets The Blues

    Jerry caught a couple of Blues

  • Jerry tricked a Can

    Jerry tricked a canvasback

  • Money Goose

    Money Goose

  • Sunrise


  • A Few Teal

    Boat Bottom with Teal

  • Tree Decoy

    Got so rough that a decoy got put into the tree

  • Will tricked one

    Will - "FFT"

  • Will grabs a Greenhead

    Will grabs a Greenhead

  • Will gets a Widgeon

    Will and the Widgeon

  • Bob's 6-point

    Bob's 6-point

  • Bob gets another one

    Bob gets another one

  • Ray's 10-point

    10-point (Weapon of choice - Ford F150)

  • Ray's 10-point

    Ray's $3,000 10-point

  • 6-point


  • Bob has one in the truck

    Bob is having a good deer season

  • Jerry gets some 2nd split divers

  • Jerry had a good morning with 2 Jacks, 2 redheads, and a canvasback

  • Lou is serious now