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Barbara & Michael in the tank Blind on Toledo Bend

“Chase” in his dog box ready to hunt

Pre-season decoy prep

This drake canvasback
fell in love with a Herter’s decoy

Texas Rag Hunt with Kurt, Tona, Barbara and Ray

Same “Rag” Hunt With Kurt, Tona, Barbara, and Ray

Same Tank Blind
Barbara and Michael

Where you find frogs, you will always find these pesky critters

Bob, Fuzz, Wade, Ray, and Pat. To steal a phrase from “The Duck Commander” – “It’s raining jacks”

Nothing more delicious than fresh caught Bayou frogs (circa 1973)

Nothing more delicious than fresh caught Bayou frogs
(circa 1973)

The Bistineau Crew appears to have had a fine morning here.

Bruce, Bob, and Ray with a few

Day One – Arkansas Stripers
Kent, Selby, & Gus

Kent and Selby pose with
Arkansas Stripers

An Arkansas Sunrise as seen from a pit blind in South East Arkansas

“Boss” Sitting In The
Blind On Lake Bistineau

“Boss” Breaking Water

“A View From The Blind” sent in by Kennon Gaspard

Another Day Draws To A Close – Lake Bistineau – K. Gaspard

There is another one of those pesky “critters”

Michael with doves – Special Thanks to John Frierson of Frierson Plantation

Opening day 9/2/2006 Michael and father Ray, had two limits by 2:30!