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About Us

My hunting partner and I are 3rd generation duck hunters with over 80 years of combined duck hunting experience. Both of our grandfathers were old-time market hunters who lived well into their 90's. With the invent of gaming laws such as seasons and bag limits, our fathers were more inline with today's duck hunter than the past market hunters . Yet the knowledge that those two previous generations passed on to us is priceless. 

Hunting Tales How many of today's hunters will be able to tell their grand kids stories of having killed over 300 mallards in a single day and have the photos to prove it? How many of today's hunters have seen a shotgun with an extension tube welded to the magazine to create an 11-shot automatic? How many of today's hunters are privileged enough to have heard tales of having to leave the blind and shake the water off of the live decoys (English Callers) to keep them from drowning? Or about the time that an alligator wrecked havoc in their live decoy spread? How about equipping a duck boat with a hundred pound punt gun? These were the type of stories that were passed on to us as we grew up in a duck hunter's paradise.

Building Blinds

We have hunted in pits, tanks, boat blinds, barrel blinds, lay-out boats, pipe blinds, pop-ups, even a blind made from pvc pipe. We have hunted rivers, lakes, marsh, flooded timber, rice and bean fields. Once we hunted a 1/2 acre pond next to Red River that wasn't really a pond at all, but black plastic sheeting that had been rolled out over the ground and then had water sprinkled over it.

One of the most important things that our grandfathers and fathers taught us, was how to build a blind. A blind that not only fit the surroundings that you hunted, but how to build it to last for literally decades. (One of our tank blinds was built in 1974 and floated the open water for over 35 years! That same blind is the one shown on our plans page.)


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